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General English

Individual or group training for those wanting to build basic vocabulary and fluency in a range of subjects. These courses are tailor-made to the students’ needs or requests and may include a mixture of these themes:

  • General vocabulary development
  • Structure & grammar
  • Fundamental language components (phrasal verbs, idioms, etc.)
  • Intonation, pronunciation & stress patterns
  • Fluency development & communication activities
  • Social language & interaction
  • Writing (i.e. "Swenglish" and redundancy reduction, paragraph coherence, sentence structure, etc.)
  • Current events / article-based discussion

Business English

Individual or group training for those wanting to build basic business vocabulary and fluency in a range of work-related subjects. These courses are tailor-made to the students’ needs or requests and may include a mixture of general English themes plus:

  • Business vocabulary development & professional terminology
  • Business communication role play
  • Written communication development and appropriate writing style (i.e. emailing, formality, etc.)
  • Work-related discussion / article-based discussion (i.e. current events, international banking, customer service, etc.)


Individual or group meetings focusing on conversation revolving around various topics and current events. Verbal feedback given in real-time, vocabulary/expression lists provided afterwards. Includes "Let's Do Fika" or Skype options.


Online Sessions

Ultimate flexibility. Pick lesson times that fit around your lifestyle and practice English online from any location. Build fluency and confidence through personalized one-on-one time from the comfort of wherever you are. This can also be an option to add to or supplement other lesson/course formats.


Presentation Preparation

Do you need to make an important English speech or presentation? Are you nervous or unsure about it? Don't just read your Powerpoint slides - really catch the interest and attention of your audience. Let Cyntactic help you fine tune your content and delivery style. You will have the opportunity to rehearse and receive effective guidance and feedback.



Are you planning on taking a Cambridge, IELTS or TOEFL exam? While reading and listening tasks can be practiced through self-study, writing and speaking tasks require feedback. Cyntactic can provide you that constructive feedback. Complete preparation courses or pay-as-you-go meetings available.


I found Cynthia very professional and skilled but also a very fun person to work with. I've really used what I learned in my daily contacts with my non-Swedish speaking colleagues within the bank.


Av alla år som jag läst engelska så har lektionerna med Cyntha givit mig mest. Jag har fått den kunskap som jag behöver idag och inte det som står i en läroplan i vanlig skola.


Det är den bästa engelskakurs jag läst och Cynthia är en fantastisk lärare. Hennes lektioner är både underhållande och lärande på ett sådant sätt att information sätter sig.


Cynthia is a very skilled teacher who can easily explain grammar and give good examples to illustrate her point. She created an easy and relaxed atmosphere and made everybody have a great time while learning. I always looked forward to Cynthia's classes since not only did I learn a lot, but we also had so much fun.


En väldigt bra kurs. Cynthia var en otroligt inspirerande lärare. Jag gick dit med glädje varenda kurstillfälle. Om vi får gå på en fortsättningskurs så vill jag att vi har Cynthia till lärare även där. Den bästa eng kursen ever! Hon är en otrolig lärare.


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