Sure, his English is awful, but he is brave enough to fight a bear, strong enough to lift said bear, and he is faster than a train. You don’t find candidates like this every day.

The full text:

To Whom It May Concern:
Resume is something for appeal myself, Let’s have a appeal time!
My big reason of come to Canada, Europe, North and South America travel.
So I apply to your shop! I am not a good English user. But when I was in korea, everybody call me     ‘Ace, you are a best!’ at Factory, hotel, farm, restaurant, mart.
Especially, I love always smile working environment, too short time I worked custom service but It is best work in my life and I want to feel again.
By the way, I worked server and kitchen help in the Canada. I am always good when I am working, please feel me.I have brave fight to wild bear.
I have strong arm to lift wild bear.
I am so fast more than train.
I can work without pay right now! I do not care, when will you pay me. Please pay me after you think I have Qualification for get a pay.
Sincerely, Thank you for your time and consideration.