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A cat in a box riding a skateboard (because it can).

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Honest hand dryer

Regarding number 2, I have yet to receive bacon from a hand dryer.

source: Doghouse Diaries

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Weird pub names in Britain

In the UK, pub names are used to identify and differentiate each public house (present day bars). Many public houses are centuries old, and many of their early customers were unable to read, but could recognize pictorial signs. Some modern pub names are intended as a marketing ploy or an attempt to create “brand awareness”, frequently using a comic theme thought to be memorable. This leads to some questionable “creatvity”.

Behold, the “23 Weirdest Pub Names In Britain

source: Buzzfeed

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This film is titled “Skwerl” and it is done in fake English – what English sounds like to non-English speakers. I have only picked up on a few actual English words in it – “sure”, “today” and “why” – otherwise, no worries if you don’t understand what they are saying.

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Cartography of Kitchenware

source: Pop Chart Lab (larger, zoomable version available)

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A graphic lesson in vegetables

Pop Chart Lab has designed the most extensive mapping of vegetables ever. Perfect for English speaking herbivores everywhere. Poster available for purchase for those of you looking to decorate your kitchen and extend your food vocabulary.

source: Pop Chart Lab (larger, zoomable version)

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Are your wires getting crossed? Call me - I can help you recalibrate. ...

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Take on your Friday like this everyone. It’s all about attitude. ...

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